Our company’s success story begins with the invention of the Krinner Christmas tree stand with single cable technology. In 1990, after patenting his technology, inventor Klaus Krinner founded KRINNER GmbH in Strasskirchen, Lower Bavaria. His invention entirely changed the tree stand market with its traditional focus on ‘screws’ to hold the trunk. Today, over 90% of all tree stands sold in the European market are equipped with cable technology. 
Other innovative products such as the LUMIX wireless Christmas candles followed and set standards once again. Since its foundation 30 years ago, the KRINNER Christmas tree stand has brought joy to over 20 million households in Germany, Europe and the USA.

In 2004, the professional further development of screw foundations, another invention by Klaus Krinner, led to the foundation of Krinner Schraubfundamente GmbH. The rapid expansion of our company was aided by the rapid growth of the photovoltaics industry.

Today, KRINNER is a second-generation international family business with 230 employees.