Innovation is our Passion

Our company’s success story begins with the invention of Krinner Christmas tree stand with single cable technology. In 1990, after patenting his technology, inventor Klaus Krinner founded KRINNER GmbH in Straßkirchen, Lower Bavaria. His invention entirely changed the tree stand market with its traditional focus on ‘screws’ to hold the trunk. Today, over 90% of all tree stands sold in the European market are equipped with cable technology. “Innovation is my passion” says Klaus Krinner who, only a few years after inventing the tree stand, brought his second product idea to life – the ground screws. A quicker and much more efficient - not to mention environmentally sustainable - alternative to common concrete foundations. With its highly specialized products, Krinner Schraubfundamente GmbH has become a major player in the field of mounting systems for photovoltaic power plants. Today Ground screws are the core component of Krinner solar system solutions.

„Innovation is our hobby“

Klaus Krinner

In 2006 Krinner GmbH successfully launched its latest product idea for Christmas – Lumix wireless, remote controlled Christmas Candles. The incredibly positive consumer response lead to a rapid product development of wireless lights, leading to today’s Lumix product family which delivers exactly what it promises – a secure and comfortable wireless Christmas time!